Activate Your Line for WhatsApp in Truora

To learn more about our WhatsApp services, follow the Customer engagement getting started guide

Before proceeding in the same browser, make sure to access your company’s Facebook Commercial administrator account first and then log in to your Truora account. Once you have entered both platforms, follow the steps below to add your line:

  1. In Truora access WhatsApp Engagement and click on settings > + Add Account button > access your facebook account, a window will be displayed to continue.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions then in the next view Allow Truora to be your WhatsApp API provider.
  3. Select your business account, to associate with WhatsApp. If your business does not appear, you need to request a full business administrator role. Meta Business Help Center
  4. Verify your business information before continuing and then click Next.
  5. In this step we will create the new WABA and the WhatsApp line profile.
  6. Write the name and select the category of your business. You can also put a brief description of the company.
  1. Enter the phone number for Whatsapp with the country code and choose the call option. Keep your cell phone nearby because the call will come to this phone number with a 6-digit code. Enter the code and once it loads, click Finish

Return to Truora where the New Line should appear with the GREEN check and Message limit. If it doesn’t appear right away, please refresh the page.