Truora’s Identity Validators via API

Welcome to our Validators API documentation. Our API provides a wide range of solutions to meet your needs, whether you require document verification, facial recognition, email address validation, phone number confirmation, electronic signature authentication, and more. Explore the sections of our menu to learn more about each validator and how to integrate them seamlessly into your applications.

In this documentation, you will learn the fundamental concepts utilized by Truora, gain insights on how to use our validators, understand required and optional parameters, interpret API responses and errors, and discover additional resources and features tailored to enhance your integration depending on your particular needs and requirements.

To enhance your integration experience and simplify testing procedures, Truora provides a comprehensive Postman collection online. This collection includes all the necessary tools to seamlessly test, understand, and integrate our validators into your system, ensuring smooth functionality.

For detailed information about API endpoints, please visit to our API Reference.