What is Truora Checks?

Welcome to Truora Checks, your trusted solution for conducting comprehensive background checks. In today’s dynamic business landscape, the need to verify the integrity and history of individuals and entities is paramount. Checks empowers you to access and analyze public records across various categories, ranging from criminal histories to professional affiliations, ensuring that you can make informed decisions with confidence.

Why Truora Checks Matters

In a world where risk assessment and due diligence are vital for both businesses and individuals, Truora Checks offers a powerful toolset to enhance security, compliance, and trust. Whether you’re a delivery marketplace screening potential assistants, a financial institution evaluating credit risk, or a ridesharing platform ensuring driver’s and vehicle’s safety, Truora Checks is your ally in mitigating potential risks and making informed decisions.

Unlocking Reliable Information

Truora Checks grants you access to a wealth of official data sources meticulously curated and organized into distinct data sets. These sources ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information you receive. Our mission is to simplify the process of background checks, allowing you to enter just one or two pieces of information and receive comprehensive reports in a matter of minutes..

Comprehensive Insights

Truora offers background checks services in seven countries across Latin America, providing comprehensive information for individuals, companies and vehicle-related checks. Our coverage includes:

  • Colombia
  • México
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Perú
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador

Detailed reports provide you with a holistic view of an entity’s background, including criminal records, judicial history, and more.