Digital Identity - Main Concepts

What is a Validator?

A Validator a is specialized entity utilized to authenticate the data provided by a user. This could be a sophisticated software, a complex algorithm, or an external authority that is specialized in validating specific types of information. Truora uses these validators to ensure data accuracy and userĀ“s authenticity.

What is a Validation?

A Validation is the essential action of using a Validator for a specific user. This process ensures that each user’s identity matches their provided information, reinforcing the platform’s security and trustworthiness. It’s a key step that underscores Truora’s commitment to maintaining a secure environment for all its users.


Validator & Validation example

What is a Flow?

A Flow refers to a carefully ordered sequence of validators, which will be later used to carry out an identity verification process. Each validator within this sequence plays a key role in the authentication and verification of the user’s data.

Your company is responsible for choosing validators within a flow. This decision is crucial, as each validator plays a specific role in the authentication process. Ensure the selection aligns perfectly with your business requirements.


Choosing validators for your Flow

Keep in mind: A Flow can be used by multiple users in their unique Processes.

What is a Process?

A Process refers to the execution of a particular flow for a specific user. It involves guiding the user through the sequence of validators defined within the flow, each step contributing to the ultimate goal of verifying the user’s identity. This user-specific and flow-guided operation is what Truora refers to as a Process.

Keep in mind: A single Flow can be used by multiple users in their respective Processes. Consequently, a Flow is often associated with multiple Processes, making it accessible to various users.


Process & Flow example

Main Transaction Identifiers

A Transaction Identifier is a unique value assigned to a specific entity or action within the Truora system, facilitating its identification, tracking, and access to related information. These identifiers include:

  • Flow ID: The flow_id is a unique identifier for a Flow that you have created.
  • Account ID: The account_id is a unique value assigned to each user in the system to distinguish them and access the information and processes.
  • Validation ID: The validation_id is the unique identifier for a performed validation.
  • Process ID: The process_id is a unique identifier for a performed process.

Identifiers Considerations

  • Since a flow can be used by multiple users, a single flow_id may be associated to multiple process_id and therefore to multiple account_id.
  • Since a user can perform multiple validations, then a single account_id may be associated to multiple validation_id.