Override process status

Truora provides a feature that enables you to modify the final state of a process. This feature allows you to easily unblock users when for some reason it is required to change the final state decision of a process.

It should be taken into account that it will be possible to change the final state of a process only when the process has finished, that is, processes in a pending state cannot be modified. Additionally, to enable this feature, your account must have the identity.processes.override.status. To obtain this permission, you must contact Truora and accept the terms and conditions (T&C) that entails being able to change the final status of a process. It’s important to note that Truora will not be responsible for any misuse of this tool.

How to change the final state of a process?

To use this tool you must enter the process you want to change from the digital identity results history panel.


When you select the process you want to modify, you will see a button at the top with the name “modify status”.


If you press the button you will see a panel where you can fill out the status change information:


The state to which the process will be updated will always be the opposite of the current one.

The reasons available to make the status change are the following:

Reason Description
regular_client Refers to the fact that the client is known
in_person_customer The customer is present and we can corroborate their identity
meets_all_requirements The client has everything required for the identity process
manipulated_document Manipulation is noted in the client’s document
manipulated_photo Manipulation is noted in the client’s photo
internal_reasons Internal company reasons
Other Another reason different from the previous ones

The description field is a free text area where you can provide the reasons for the modification. You must also accept the T&C through a checkbox, relieving Truora of any liability for potential inconveniences resulting from this change.

Additionally, upon making the change effective, an email will be sent to the account administrator notifying that a status change was made with the information about the process and the person responsible for the change.

How to identify modified processes?

When modifying a process you will be able to view some changes on the dashboard such as the following:

  1. You may notice a flag next to the status indicating that the process was modified.
  2. You will be able to see in the main table the information about the last change that the process had.
  3. A history of modifications will be available, since the final state of a process could be changed as many times as necessary.
  4. In the results history you can easily identify the modified processes, since they will have a flag referring to this change next to the status.

BRE service

For the BRE service you will have two new activators available, which are:

Activator Description
Overwritten to failed When a process was changed from successful to failed
Overwritten to success When a process was changed from failed to successful

With these activators you can select one of the actions we have available in BRE.

This is the BRE and webhooks guide that we have available so you have more context