Manage Electronic Signature of Documents

This guide will show you how to manage your fixed electronic signature document in ZapSign. If you want to send documents with dynamic fields for electronic signature, visit this guide.

Document Sent

To send a document or several to be signed electronically, the platform will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Select and upload documents: You must have the documents ready in docx or pdf format, then select or drag them onto the window to upload the files.
  1. Add signers: you can add one or more signers to the document and be included as one. If you wish, you can activate the advanced authentication function:
    • Default authentication: the signatory receives an authentication code via email, SMS or WhatsApp to be able to sign the document.
    • Advanced authentication: The signatory must attach a photo of the document and/or a selfie to be able to sign, these images remain as attachments in the signed documents. It can also include a face recognition validation, If you want to use the advanced validators please contact us through WhatsApp
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  2. Position signatures: When you reach this step, the platform will show you a preview of the document. Then you must click on the document and the signature options, full signature or initials of the signature will be displayed and the next step is to position it by moving the signature box to the place where it should be positioned in the document, finally save and continue.
  3. Send document: To send the document to the signatory you have three options:
    • Share the link that is generated in this step.
    • Enter the email in the Singer’s email field and press the SEND AND FINISH button.
    • Share the link via WhatsApp.

My Signatures

In this view you will be able to review all the documents signed or that are pending to be signed that are related to your account.


You can also use the batch signature option, so you can sign more than one document at a time and/or all the documents related to your profile. For this you must go to Settings > My profile > My signature and configure your default signature.

If you want to use the batch signing option please contact us through WhatsApp

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Delete Documents

To delete a document you can select one or more documents and then click on the delete button. all deleted documents go to Trash view, only the account owner has access to documents in the trash.