Create Massive WhatAapp Campaigns

With massive WhatsApp campaigns you can reach all your users easily and quickly. Get access to valuable campaign data and results, allowing you to perform comprehensive market analysis at your fingertips.

to create a massive campaign by WhatsApp follow the next steps:

Make approve outbound message by Meta

To launch a WhatsApp campaign and engage with end users, you need to create an outbound message. In the following Outbound Message Guide you will find all the necessary information to create them. Outbound messages can be of the notification type, that is, that a message arrives with a single content, or of the flow type that triggers a chatbot.

Create WhatsApp flow

This step is optional if the outbound message is of the notification type. In this guide you will find how Create a WhatsApp flow in 5 minutes or less.

Execute the campaign by Whatsapp

  1. Go to the truora dashboard to Customer Engagement.
  2. Then in the side menu click on Campaigns.
  3. Click on the + New Campaign button and give your campaign a name.
  4. Select the previously created outbound and the flow.
  5. Load the .xlsx file with the area code and phone number of the recipients and the other variables of the outbound message.
  6. Finally send for which you have two options, Send now or Schedule delivery.

To make a scheduled delivery of the campaign, you must select the date, time zone and time.


Get the results

  • You can see the status of the campaign, how many messages have been sent if they have been received, how many have been answered and if any have failed to be sent.
  • Another alternative that you have is to download the results in a file .xlsx with all the details of the campaign and the responses of the final user in their WhatsApp flow.