Include variables in your WhatsApp flow

If you’d like to reference a variable that is obtained from a step within the flow, such as a user response or a validation status, you can do so in our flow builder with the following notation:


In order to get the content that is inside of the brackets:

  1. Select the open question box in the Truora dashboard, and automatically this is going to open a panel on the right side, you may find down below a button such as the one in the red rectangle:
new flow option
  1. This button will copy the content to your clipboard, and you just need to paste it or CTRL+V inside of either the frequent block or advanced block boxes. The text editor will automatically detect the variable reference and will show a pill with the block title.
sample image
  1. Save, publish and test your flow. The image below is an example of how it would work on WhatsApp:
sample image

Include variables in a conditional box

  1. Drag the Conditional box in the Truora dashboard, then click on it, and automatically this is going to open a panel on the right side.
  2. Drop down the default condition, let’s modify it!
  3. In the If this… field select a variable option.
  4. Paste the value of the variable copied in the field called With value (in this case is not necessary the brackets and the beginning dot).
  5. In the Has the following condition field could go ===, <, >, >=, <= and !==.
  6. In the Fulfills field you have tu put a possible value that will have your open question box.
sample image
  1. In the Add condition option you create until 9 conditions.
  2. Finally, test your flow!

Use the variables of an outbound message in the flow

You can use the variables of an outbound message inside a flow as inputs of the integration with API external connection or any question block.

sample image

To call the variables inside the stream use the following syntax {{.start.<variable_name>.value}}. For the example of the previous image you can call the variable name in the following way {{.start.nombre.value}}.

sample image