Whatsapp Customer Engagement - Main Concepts

The following are definitions of key concepts you need to understand for a better experience before integrating with our WhatsApp Customer Engagement system.

External Concepts

Facebook Business Manager (FBM)

A centralized platform provided by Facebook to manage business assets, such as Facebook pages, ad accounts, and applications. FBM is essential for businesses to organize their marketing efforts and track performance across various Facebook products, including WhatsApp Business.

WABA Lines

Short for WhatsApp Business Account Lines, these are individual phone numbers associated with a WhatsApp Business Account. Each WABA Line can be used to communicate directly with your customers via WhatsApp, allowing businesses to manage multiple lines for different departments or regions of the organization.

Note: Having a WABA Line is essential to use our Whatsapp Customer Engagement platform.

Truora’s Platform Concepts

Conversations (old system)

A Conversation refers to an interaction with a client via chatbot or direct messages that lasts up to 24 hours. In the Conversations section of our platform, your agents can manage and take control of these interactions, handling all direct messages and engagements with your clients.

Chats (new system)

A Chat refers to an ongoing interaction with a client via chatbot or direct messages, maintaining the entire history of interactions. In the new Chats section of our platform, your agents can manage and take control of these interactions. The main advantage of the new system is that it consolidates all interactions into a single chat per client, preserving the entire history of communications.

Inbound Messages

Messages sent by the customer to initiate a chat or conversation with your company’s WABA (WhatsApp Business Account) line.

Outbound Messages

Messages that initiate a chat or conversation from your company to the client through a WABA (WhatsApp Business Account) line. It is important to note that these messages must be approved by Meta before being sent.


A Campaign allows you to notify a set of recipients about important or relevant information. In the Campaigns section of our platform, you can send outbound messages (already approved by Meta) to your users. Additionally, this section enables you to monitor key statistics of your messages.


A Contact is a client you interact with through our platform. Contacts will appear in the Contacts section of our platform, where you can view key statistics, edit properties to track user characteristics, and create new contacts.


Individuals within your organization who have been added as Members in your account on Truora’s platform with an Agent Role to handle customer interactions. Agents can be assigned to specific chats, allowing them to manage conversations, provide support, and respond to customer queries.


Tags are labels used by Agents in Truora’s platform to categorize and manage chats or conversations with clients. Agents can assign tags such as “support” or “sales” based on the reason for contact. Tags can also indicate the status of a chat or conversation, such as “unanswered” or “attended,” helping agents efficiently track and manage interactions. These tags are completely customizable, providing a lot of flexibility.


A Flow is a sequence of steps created in Truora’s platform to automate interactions with your users on WhatsApp. It allows you to design and customize chatbots without coding, using our Flow builder interface. This tool enables you to quickly iterate and improve the user experience by adding response buttons, guiding users through the conversation, and including reminder messages to keep users engaged. Such features ensure a seamless and effective interaction with your brand.

Flow ID

The flow_id is a unique identifier for a Flow that you have created.

Flow Builder

The Flow Builder is Truora’s platform where you can build all your chatbots and conversation flows to interact with your clients. This platform includes a simple drag-and-drop interface where you can add different kinds of blocks and connect them according to your flow needs.

In our Flow Builder a flow can include conversational blocks known as Frequent Blocks, Validator blocks*, and/or other advanced features block known as Advanced blocks.

*Note: To learn more about Validations (Validator blocks), start by visiting Digital Identity - Main Concepts.