Creating Truora API Key

In order to perform an integration in any of our services, you must have an Truora API key. The next steps will show you how to create it using our dashboard.

To learn more about out how to use our dashboard please click here.

Creating API keys via Dashboard

  1. Once you´ve set up an account, log in to our dashboard:

  2. Go to the sidebar menu and click the API keys option. You are going to be redirected to our API Key dashboard:

  1. Click the Create button. Users must be authorized by its organization to create API Keys.
  1. Type an API Key Name for your Truora API Key and choose Version (Version 1 recommended).
  1. Click Create and then copy the generated JWT token to a safe place, as it will only be displayed once.

The Truora API Key just generated will be used for authentication, which will allow you to access Truora´s Services and perform API calls.