Tips for document pictures

As part of the Document validation process, you must submit a picture of the document in order to perform the validation. The picture must be as readable as possible in order to maximize the success rate of the validation process. Here are some tips to taking better document pictures:

  • Picture Orientation: Ensure that the document in the picture is horizontally aligned and not upside down to prevent validation process failure.
  • Lighting Conditions: Capture the picture in a well-lit environment without using flash to prevent reflections or shadows that may obscure the document information.
  • Focus and Stability: Prevent blurry images by focusing on the document data and avoiding the use of zoom, as it may cause the picture to become shaky. Additionally, ensure that the lens is clean.
  • Avoid Filters: Do not use any filters as they distort the picture and can cause the validation process to fail.
  • Hologram Visibility: Make sure that document holograms, if present, do not overlap or obscure text or the person’s picture. Adjust the camera angle until both the picture and all text are clearly visible.
  • Avoid Screens: Do not place the document on top of any type of screen, such as computers.
  • Text-Free Background: Ensure that the background where the document rests is clear of text or computer keyboards.
  • Avoid Reflective Surfaces: Choose a resting place for the document that avoids reflective surfaces, such as glass tables, to prevent unwanted reflections in the picture.

Examples of invalid document pictures

Here are some examples of document pictures that are considered invalid for validation purposes: