How to do test your WhatsApp - HubSpot integration

Time to test your conversation live. Make sure you test the path including the HubSpot integration, so you can live the experience of redirecting an user to an agent.

  1. Go to your WhatsApp and test the flow you just designed. Guide
  1. Back in HubSpot, go to conversations and you will see a new conversation in your inbox (the name of it will start with IDP)

Respond from HubSpot and see how it immediately goes to your WhatsApp.


To finish the conversation, change the ticket status to “closed.”

Test sending outbound messages

Outbound messages are messages sent by a company to one or many users (bulk messages).

This is a “flow” type message, which means that once the outbound message is sent, it will trigger a conversation with the user.

Below we explain how to test this message.

  1. Access the HubSpot workflows section to set up a workflow.

  2. To start the workflow select the option to manually enroll a contact.

  1. In the workflow, set up the action: ‘Send WhatsApp message by Truora’.
  1. In the ‘WhatsApp phone number’ field, select the contact token through which you want the user to receive the message.

In this step it is important to previously validate which token has the WhatsApp number of the contact with whom you want to do the test stored; it can be phone number or mobile number.

  1. To generate the API Key, go to the Creating an API Key. Copy the API key and paste it into HubSpot workflows in the ‘Truora API Key’ filed. Keep in mind that you will only have one chance to copy the API key.

  2. Fill in the following fields:

  • WABA line: this field corresponds to the number from which the message will be sent. Select the Truora Demo number.
  • Outbound message: Select the outbound ID of the test template.
  • Flow ID: Copy the flow ID of one of the flows you have previously created in the Truora platform and click Save. On the next page we explain how to copy the flow ID.
  1. Go to the ‘My workflows’ section and copy the ID of one of the workflows you created in the previous steps, by clicking on the button marked in red.

Paste this ID into the workflow in HubSpot.

Why copy a Flow ID?: Since the test outbound is a ‘flow’ type, i.e. it is intended to trigger a conversation with the user; you must associate the flow ID with the conversational flow you want to activate.

  1. In the HubSpot workflow, click on ‘Enroll’ and select the ‘choose contacts’ option.
  1. Select the contact with whom you want to test the outbound message.

Once the contact has been manually enrolled, he/she will receive the outbound message through WhatsApp.


Access user responses as WhatsApp properties

  1. While interacting with the bot, all user responses are stored in HubSpot as contact properties.

To access these properties, go to the contact in HubSpot and click view all properties

  1. In the search bar, look for “Truora properties.” You will have access to 2 types of properties:
  • Default properties giving you information about the interactions you have had with that contact through WhatsApp

  • User responses to the interaction to the bot.