Get Geolocation info

Geolocation is a verification that allows you to obtain the real geographic location of your users. In addition, you can configure the verification to restrict the usage of VPN services.

The data of the geolocation verification will be attached as a new property called geolocation_device in the Identity Results endpoint, following this format: "<latitude>, <longitude>"

Endpoint: /v1/processes/{process_id}/result


User Experience

Using this verification will require your users to grant location permissions at the beginning of the verification process so they can continue with the rest of the verification steps.

Geolocation permissions

If VPN usage restriction is enabled and we detect that the user is using a VPN connection, we will block the process until the user turns off the VPN connection. The user will have 3 attempts to deactivate the VPN connection and retry the verification.

VPN detected

Flow Configuration

You can find the Geolocation block in the Advanced Blocks section of the Flow Builder, just for Web and app flows. Add this block to an already created process by following these steps:

  1. Drag and drop the geolocation block.
  2. Place it at the beginning of your process.
  3. Attach the box with dots to the first block of your process.
Geolocation instructions

Note: This block must precede the other verification blocks, except for the Data authorization block.

In the Properties section of the block, you can enable VPN usage restriction, that means that we will block users who are using some kind of Proxy / VPN provider.

Note: VPN detection is free for now. We will notify you when there is an additional charge.

Geolocation and VPN detection