Customize your web flow

This guide will show you how to configure the behavior and appearance of a web flow through our flowbuilder.

Once you have created the flow, click on configuration. There, you will find two options in the sidebar menu:

Configuration in the Flow Builder

Flow config

Allow you to configure the behavior of the flow. You can enable the following options:

  • Continue the identity process on a desktop device.

  • Continue the identity process on a new device.

  • Allow the use of the native camera (even if the user has disabled camera permissions, they will still be able to access the device’s native camera and return to the flow).

  • Limit the number of processes a user can perform, there are 2 ways to block:

    • Per day and per month
    • Permanent

You only can choose one of them. Once the limit you chose is reached the user must wait until the next day or month to be able to perform a process again or in case permanent block the person needs to contact to customer service.

To use this configuration remember that you must have configured a unique account id for each user.

  • Note: The maximum number of processes per day is 72 and per month is 2160.

  • Set the expiration time of the identity process. The maximum expiration time you can set is 1440 minutes (24 hours). If you don’t set it, the default expiration time is 120 minutes (2 hours).

Brand theme

Allows you to configure the appearance of the flow. You can choose from the following options:

  • Upload a logo and introduction image.
  • Select colors and font.
  • Set a main background.
Brand theme in the Flow Builder

Note: In order to customize the theme of a flow, we receive images in PNG and JPG format with a maximum size of 5 MB. It is essential that the images are clear and sharp. Furthermore, it is recommended that the images have a high resolution to avoid pixelation and distortion in the display.

Once you have configured the flow, you can start testing the flow.