Document and Face Validation

When you are creating the Web Flow, you can select the Document ID + Face Mach box from the Validator Blocks. This module allows validate the authenticity of the end user’s identification document by comparing it with his face.

Then choose the method to reinforce with a proof of life:

  • Video Selfie: The user must upload a short video looking at the camara, without instructions. Formats supported are: webm, mp4, avi, and mov. Maximum size is 10 MB. Recommended for: Whastapp, API integration, Web.

  • Guided video The user must upload a short following some instructions (e.g: look up, look down, look right). Formats supported are: webm, mp4, avi, and mov. Maximum size is 30 MB. Recommended for: Whastapp, Web. [Deprecated]

  • Photo The user must take a picture of his or her face. Formats supported are: jpeg, png and webp. Maximum size is 10 MB. Recommended for: API integration, Web.



Depending on the level of user experience and security you want to implement in the validation process, you can configure the Document ID + Face match validator.

  • Enable gallery upload: You can allow the user to upload a document from their gallery.
  • Check Type: Use this when you need to perform a Background Checks. You must use a Custom Type.which can be created using the dataset_document_validation key with a value of zero.
  • Threshold: This determines the required similarity between the provided picture and video or selfie to pass the validation, ranging from 0 to 1. By default, the threshold is set to 0.65. Note that a higher percentage of similarity increases friction with the end-user, resulting in decreased customer conversion
  • Allowed retries: This setting determines the number of times a user can retry a validation:
    • Document Validation: With a maximum value of 3 retries. For more information about tips for capturing a good quality document picture, please refer to Document picture tips.
    • Face Validation: Only enabled for video selfie, with a value of 2 retries by default and not configurable.
  • Allowed document types: You can select the document type and country, or ask the user to provide this information.
  • It is recommended to send the photo horizontally. JPEG, JPG and PNG are the only supported formats and the maximum allowed size is 30MB.
  • Remember also you could customize your web flow. For more information please visit Customize Web Flow guide.

Integrating Your Flow

Once you have finished and testing the Flow, you need to integrate it. Please check out the following guide for more information: How to create a Web Integration Token

Get Results of Validation

  • You can get the validation results with a query to the truora’s API or from the dashboard. For more information, please see Guide to Get Results.

  • The information about the results of the validations made to the user can be notified through Webhooks. This alternative allows you to receive hooks of the actions/rules created.

Note: Whenever a validation fails due to inconsistencies in the validation process,a declined reason to indicate the specific reason for the failure Here is a list of declined reasons.

For information about how to integrate this validator in WhatsApp, visit Here.