Authorization is a verification that allows you to obtain the explicit authorization of your users for performing a certain flow and using their data according to the terms.

Flow Configuration

You can find the Authorization block in the Frequent Blocks section of the Flow Builder. It will be added by default at the beginning of the flow just for Web and app flows.

Note: This block must precede any other verification blocks.

Authorization block

In the Properties section of the block, you will be able to select the country/countries permissions you need for this flow and an additional custom authorization for your users.

Authorization without country selected

Selecting the country/countries for which you need permissions is mandatory. When selecting this, you’ll need to provide your company name (which your users will see)

Authorization with country selected

Note: Only for Colombia the NIT field is mandatory

Optionally you can add a custom authorization text for your users, and style it the way you want.

Authorization custom item

Finally you can preview how your users are going to see the authorization block you just set just by clicking on Preview authorization.

Authorization custom item

Note: In case you obtain your users’ agreement in any other way and do not want this verification to be shown, please contact us so that we can consider whether your process meets the requirements and consider making it optional for you.

User Experience

This verification will be present in all processes performed by your users. To move forward in the flow you have defined for them, it will be mandatory that they grant data treatment permissions.

Authorization intro

Remember that you will be able to customize this verification, by adding an authorization text that you want your users to agree to in addition to the default mandatory text.

Authorization custom

Once your users have granted authorization they can continue with the process you have designed for them by clicking ‘Accept’.

Authorization given