Guide to integrate Electronic Signature in WhatsApp Flows

When creating a WhatsApp Flow, you can select the Electronic Signature option from the validator blocks. This module provides a link for electronically signing a document or template created in your ZapSign account.

Create Zapsign and Truora Integration

To start using electronic signature as a validator, it is essential to configure the Zapsign integration in your Truora account. This process can be carried out through the Truora platform or via the API.

To do it from the platform, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Once you have accessed the Truora platform, navigate to the Digital Identity section. Next, select the Integrations option. Look for Zapsign and click on Options, then proceed to click on Connect.

  2. Enter the API token generated in Zapsign. Next, we’ll show you how to generate this token.

Drag and drop box

ZapSign Token

  1. Sing in in your ZapSign account or create one.

  2. Within your Zapsign account, select Settings > Integration. Bellow, in the API section, you can copy your Zapsign token:

sample image

Creating the flow

  1. To get started, log in to the Truora dashboard. For instructions on how to create a WhatsApp Flow, please refer to the Create a WhatsApp flow. We will start by logging in to Truora dashboard.

  2. Once you have created and named your flow, navigate to the flow builder and select the Electronic Signature option from the left-hand menu. Drag and drop this block to add it to your flow.

Drag and drop box
  1. When you select the Electronic Signature option, the properties will appear on the right side of the screen. You must configure the integration in order to save and publish the WhatsApp flow.
  • Once you click on Configure Integration, a window will open where you’ll need to select the format of the document you previously created in Zapsign. You have the option to choose between Document or Template. Once you’ve determined the format type, the documents created earlier and available for association in the validation will appear.
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  1. If you select the Template option, the variables you’ve created will be displayed, and you’ll have the choice to fill in the information or leave it blank for the user to complete those fields.
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  1. Finally, save and test your flow! Remember that this link is only for testing purposes and will expire after 15 minutes. Check these guides if you want to generate inbound or outbound messages through the API or outbound messages through dashboard.