Phone Validation Guide Via OTP

The Phone Validator is used to validate if the phone number registered in the flow (or Chatbot) belongs to the end-user. This is done by sending an OTP (One-Time Password) code that the user must return as a response.

The OTP code can be delivered as a text message, WhatsApp message, or phone call. You can set the number of allowed retries for this validation, with a maximum value of 3.

For information on API usage, please refer to Phone

  • Remember also you can customize your web flow. For more information please visit Customize Web Flow guide.

Integrating Your Flow

Once you have created and tested the Flow, you need to integrate it. Please check out the following guide for more information: How to create a Web Integration Token

Receiving Results from the Flow

The information about the results of the validations made to the user can be notified through Webhooks. This alternative allows you to receive hooks of the actions/rules created.

For information about how to integrate this validator in WhatsApp, visit Here.